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Dreams on Boulevard

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It has been awhile since I have really wrote anything on here. I wish I could say it’s because I’m busy, but rather just a lack of creativity and dark storms pouring down shit and hail all over me (you can imagine how hard it is to walk in that). I have recently switched locations from Douglasville,Ga. to Atlanta. I am still at “Forever Yours Tattoo”, it’s the Boulevard location and it’s where “Liberty Tattoo” used to be. The main “Liberty Tattoo” is still on Ponce. I feel much better being in Atlanta and the shop is beautiful. I am closer to my friends being here and something about the city just does it for me. Below is a picture of Forever Yours Tattoo, ATL.

I love this place, I have had the pleasure of watching Shay Cannon build machines here. This is a great way of starting off the New Year!

So… I am putting a few paintings and a tattoo. Things are picking up here in the ATL, and i have some large projects on the way.

This here is a painting I did for the Goldenstein’s. They have become good friends of ours due to the Colvin’s. I was putting myself out there to anybody who wanted me to paint them something, and they were nice enough to commission me for such a thing. I love Alchemy related art and things to do with such. The Goldenstein’s told me to do what I wanted to, and I felt that this fit them perfect.

I tattooed this lil’ diddy on a lady by the name of Stephanie, she has always let me do fun tattoos on her. I took from Sailor Jerry as I often do, and put her phrase in the banners.

Below is a painting that I did for a friend’s anniversary present. It says something inspirational and sweet and all that jazz.

It was a good exercise to get me in the mood. I have felt extremely unmotivated lately, a few more paintings and I will be back to where I need to be.

Thank you for stopping in for a minute and reading my page, sorry there were no nudes…..

If  you are interested in getting tattooed by me or inquiring about a painting, then you can contact me or stop by the shop @ 566 Boulevard SE Atlanta Ga. 30312  404.635.9414


Holy Shitsicles, It’s Been a Cold Minute.

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This is Ben, he came to me with a picture of what he had in mind for a chest rocker. I took what he gave me and created something we were both excited about. Ben is from California, and has a really nice piece on his arm. I looked at it as a chance to do something really cool and make a new friend. When you are asked to start a piece this size, you have to ask yourself as an artist, “Is this person going to finish this once we start?” People often have these grand ideas and then get them started and never make it back for theyre appointments. It is very frustrating to the artist who has to wait for your return, while the elements slowly destroy unfinished work. Ben however is not one of these clients, it took 3 sittings and he was a trooper through it all. Thank you Ben.

This is Karla, she is also a trooper. I have known this lady since the day I stepped foot in Florida. She came to me and asked me to draw something up for her chest. She currently had a butterfly done on the upper left hand side of her chest, done by a good friend and tattooer, Derrick Nail. All three of us have been friends for over 13 years. My only beef with Karla is: STAY OUT OF THE DAMN CREEK UNTIL YOUR TATTOO HEALS!











This was a really fun piece to do as well. This guy told me to take his idea and run with it. And so Iran, Iran so fa away.

It has been a great last couple of weeks, being able to put out some fresh new art.

This is Danny, he was in our shop watching one of his friends getting tattooed, and I was currently painting a Native American piece for a client of mine. He liked it a lot and  asked me if I would draw one up for him as well.





This is what I was painting when he looked over my shoulder

This tattoo belongs to Casara

The painting belongs to me

This is just the first part of it.

This tattoo below is on a friend of mine by the name of Jade.

I really like doing roses, and this was a ton of fun.

This is something below that i have recently started. It has a few more sittings to go, but starting to come together.