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On my way to “Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery”, Atlanta.

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Here is a sweet tattoo I did for my good friend Blake. It’s referenced from some Sailor Jerry flash. I really enjoyed doing this tattoo. I have changed my color combo up a bit over the last year, and I am becoming a lot happier with my results.

STOP>>> You can not be tuffer than this girl right here. 2 sessions, not one whimper, not one movement, not even a peep. She just sat and smiled and sucked it up, knowing if she gave in just a little in a shop full of bad asses(not) we would give her hell. Tuff as nails that girl. Kelsey, thank you for the business.

As of March 1st. I will be working @ Forever Yours Tattoo Art Gallery in Douglasville, Ga.  Once owned by Dave Kruseman, and sold to Phil Colvin. I am really excited to be a part of such a solid shop and solid tattooers. I am sad to leave Panama City, but I have been here for a long ass time and it’s time for me to get some new tricks. I will miss Black Cat Tattoo and all of the wonderful people I have met there. I can only hope that my clients and friends will travel to see us, and get some tattoos for ol’ time’s sake. However, I will be back plenty to take appointments and jam some Hellalujah! Thank you Panama City…

I got to add a little to Adam’s tattoo this week. Gonna finish it up this weekend!