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Things That Go Bump In The Night

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Sugar is sweet but vagina is betterI had a good time tattooing this gentleman. His my name is my name too. There are so many twists that you can put on this type of  imagery, I feel like you should stay true to its design yet make it creative enough to show that you can go above the Google Stampede.

 This young lady by the name of Lori was a pleasure to meet and work with. Lori was passing through Atlanta and wanted to get a tattoo at our shop before she left. This was the image she asked for and I was pretty excited to draw it up or her. There were a few really great tattoos that she wore proudly, honored to be next to some of them.

I did this butterfly on my good friend and great tattooer Cori James. I work with this young lady and I can tell you that she is tough as nails.

Titties…. need I say more

This gentleman came to me on his way through Atlanta as well. I had so much fun with him and his lady. Truly great people.

Tattooed this on my new friend Nick. I was pretty stoked to put this next to a Krooked Ken piece.

bearded lay 2 (2)These are a few from The Electric City Convention. I was really in to black at this convention. I always get really excited when people want black traditional, it’s one of my favorite approaches to take.

scorpionSo much fun!

A day with out a dagger is like a day with out water.

I have not posted in a long time. I have a lot that I have been doing, I have just been lazy on this end of my social skills.


kul and dage











I really enjoy the one above, I love to set things in a different mood.



Sweating Like A Whore In Church

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It has been a little bit since last I posted anything, a lot has happened in the last few months to say the least.

Someone told me that, “Good Things Come From Chaos”. I hope this is true. I have been doing a little traveling to ease the tension and frustration that my situation has produced. I am lucky enough to have a family that supports my recent decisions even though it affects they’re surroundings and comfort zone. I feel like I have truck sitting on my chest when I lay down for sleep. My travels have produced great opinions regarding my situation and future endeavors. Life is great in its grand scheme to destroy and rebuild. I am humbled by the experiences and as any human being, also exhausted and a little jaded at times. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many great tattooers and exchanging tattoos with them as well. When I start to feel a little doomed, I look at what the last 2 years have produced for my family and I, and then I feel extremely grateful and blessed. You can not make everybody happy all of the time, and some will just never be happy no matter what. I am learning to become my own person for my family, and myself. The move to Georgia was one of the best things I could have done for my tattooing and reputation. It has opened many a door for me and I am grateful to those who have helped me open them. The next journey is uncertain, but many ideas have been put in to motion for the next milestone. Here are some picture from my trip to Livewire Tattoo in Jax. Beach,Fl. An incredible amount of respect for this shop.

I did this tattoo (above) on a gentleman that was traveling from South Africa, he wanted all of these elements to describe his travels and situation. I had a great time with him, very polite and easy to please.

Below is a tattoo that I did on my good buddy Justin’s girlfriend. Her grandmother used to work for the Jacksonville Paper and loved Cardinals. She had an idea for typewriter, I listened to her other ideas and put them together. This girl had some nice tattoos from Inksmith & Rogers and I felt lucky to put one next to them.

I have been so lucky to do so many fun tattoos lately, I recently started a full torso piece. I have started the outline to the center, and this week I will be outlining the sides and bottom. Below is what I have started.

Recently my girlfriend’s best friend, Tera came to visit with her boyfriend Justin.  She wanted to get a gramophone tattooed on her foot, I have done a few of these tattoos and trying to change them up a little different each time can be a little challenging. It was really fun and I was glad that I got to do it for her.

This next tattoo was done on my good buddy Jake, he is a body piercer at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Below you will see the beginning of a stomach tattoo I did on our apprentice, Cori.

She didn’t even flinch a muscle. Tough cookie that girl is.

I am excited to get all these projects finished.

This next tattoo is on my good friend, fellow tattooer, and inquisitor of transcendence and science brother, Ugly Tom Michael. Tom tattoos in Charlotte, NC.

He asked me to tattoo something in the way of science, death, and transcendence. These are my favorite things!

Tom and I traded tattoos of the same related subject matter. This is what I did on him.

Tom brought one of his good friends Adam with him to get tattooed by Jason Kelly, another great tattooer and good friend. Jason was booked up so he decided to let me have the thrill of doing a fun tattoo on Adam. He asked for a panther with a dagger going through the head, Adam.., don’t ever shave yourself again.

Below is tattoo I did on Mr. Brett Pundt. Brett works with me at the shop and is an incredible tattooer. We traded tattoos recently, he asked me for an eagle. I had a blast doing this tattoo, I really enjoy tattooing eagles.

here as some little jammers below..

And Another…

And below are some Magnolias I did. I enjoy black & grey, even though I don’t do it much, I still enjoy the opportunity.

Below is a tattoo I did on one of Greg Christain’s clients. Greg was nice enough to share his client with me while I was tattooing at Tattoo Faction- Cleveland,Ohio. Wouldn’t you know it, he asked for a round flower! There is a whole history behind these flowers, in a short explanation, they are to symbolize protection.

And here is another one I did as a slap over(cover-up) on a good friend and great tattooer, Ben Thomas. Ben and I traded tattoos, tons of fun. Ben Thomas works at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Right below is a matching tattoo I did on best friends.

I have been trading out paintings to artist that I admire in hopes that I will have something to pass to my son besides my own. This is a painting I did this for Ben Rorke, Ben is one of my favorite tattooers right now. He works Brisbane, Australia.

As I mentioned earlier above, I don’t really do much black & grey, but here is another one.

Below is a tattoo I did on another really good friend and great tattooer, Lana Gooding.

Lana is a resident and tattoo maker in Texas.

and last but not least in my great friend Jason Kelly. Jason is a tattooer in Atlanta. Jason and I decided we were gonna trade butterfly tattoos. Jason is an incredible tattooer and one of my many favorites. He doesn’t have much room, but I am glad to have had a clean piece.

There you have it, its been awhile.. thank you for looking!!

Texas Is The Reason, And A Few Cups Of Coffee

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I am sharpening my teeth for Tattoo Faction, Cleveland Ohio. I am excited to work with these guys! Below you will find a few tattoos that I have done this week.

I had such great time doing this tattoo, its exactly what I enjoy and the customer was tough as nails!

I wish I had a better photo of the one above but I am not the best at taking pictures.

I really like tattooing this, it was fun and a little wonky, but I was happy with the outcome.

Im A Moon Walkin’ Cowboy, Dusty Riding And I Dont Know What’s In Store

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Its been a minute since the last time I posted anything. I have recently returned from a guest spot in Panama City Beach,Florida. Black Cat Tattoo is my old stomping grounds and where I was tought to tattoo by Albee. I am grateful for all that I was given, and the things that were shown to me by my co-workers. I get homesick from time to time and need a fix of  that familiarity, the very place I call home, and always will. This trip was a little different from the last few, I want to thank everybody that came in the shop to visit me, and the friends that gave me they’re hard-earned money for a tattoo. It really meant a lot to me to have that love still there waiting for me when I visit. I don’t like to look at people like “clients”, I prefer to look at them like friends who allow me to do the very thing that I love the most, I am very blessed to have every one of them in my life. I am going to show you a few pictures from my trip, and then a few paintings that I have finished up.

The picture above was done on the inner thigh, ouch…

These are always fun.

These picture were taken with my Iphone, so I apologize if they don’t look as good as they do on Instagram..

I miss this place, and my family that works here.

How could you not love this?


Here are a few random pics of projects and paintings that i have completed.

566 Boulevard SE Atlanta Ga. Come see us.

This was a paint trade to the Mrs. Lana Gooding who works at Virtue Tattoo in Houston,TX. Lana is an awesome tattooer and person, take a minute to look at her work.

I painted this and have plans to tattoo it on my girlfriend ASAP, she called dibbs and I aint about to try her!

Here is a fun tattoo “Sailor Jerry” piece that I finished up not too long ago.

Above is a painting that I finished, it is also a tattoo that I will be finishing next week, I am pretty excited about it.

I did this painting and handed it to my mentor and good friend Albee. I hope he liked it because I about threw up doing all that stippling!

A little background I finished on this elbow rose.


If you want to follow me on Instagram you can do so @ miguelolascuagatattoo

The Great Auckland Bound Paint Trade

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For the last year I have been checking out Capilli Tupou’s tattoos, and artwork. I have since made a connection with him and have established a friendship via the interweb. Capilli lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I feel compelled to paint every time I see this gentleman’s work. He has been polite and very complimentary towards my work and efforts in tattooing, as well as painting. Sometimes I feel the decency between two foreign artist’s (as in familiarity) has been shadowed by ego and pride, which are one in the same I guess. Not the case here. This below is what I painted for him, we have talked about a trade for some time now, I figured I would get the jump on him!


My Time At LiveWire Tattoo.

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First off I would like to thank my boss and close friend, Phil Colvin. When I brought up wanting to do a spot in Jacksonville, he recommended LiveWire Tattoo in Jax Beach,Fl. LiveWire is owned by Jason Harms, the people who make up this great shop include: Jason Harms, Margot Audler, and Richard Stell(when not traveling). I had a damn good time hanging out with everybody I worked with over the course of my spot. Here are some tattoos I did while I was there.

The tattoo above was one of my favorites, basically because I don’t really do many tattoos with this feel and subject matter. Call it whatever style you like, I call it fun. Jason Harms gave me some great pointers when approaching this tattoo, I believe it came out the way it did thanks to him.

Above is an Eagle I started in Atlanta. It is the beginning to an entire torso piece that will include a compass, roses, and some other things that will hurt. Justin is a good guy and know how to sit still.

Below is a tiny Ben Corday tattoo, it is based on of a piece of his flash. Margot asked me if I wanted to tattoo her before I left, and I was honored to have a piece of art on her, and sitting next to so many other great tattooers tattoos.

Thank you Margot for allowing me to be on your museum leg!

Below is a little painting that I whipped up before I left for Jacksonville, oddly enough it’s the same tattoo she chose to get without knowledge of the painting.

Here is a picture(below) of a tattoo that I did on our front girl and apprentice, Cori. I did post this a while back, but it has healed up and I feel like its time to give an updated version.

I am going to post a few more things.

A few Sundays ago, a young man brought this piece of flash in to me and said he wanted the tattoo to be as close to the original as possible. This is where I usually just draw something I think is more original or maybe just try to give them something that is just for them. It takes control to do it as it lays, so to speak. I may have changed a few tiny things, but I controlled my ego and just did what the kid wanted. The client was happy and I walked away feeling like I ate Buddha’s fart, but as the great Janet Jackson once said..,”Control”.

Below is a picture of a cover up I was asked to do. I used lilies like she requested, and used one of the leaves to cover the ever so popular Kanji. Keep in mind I realize that you can still see the old tattoo due to the swelling, however healed, it served it’s purpose.

One Anchor And A Walk-In

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One of my clients came to me with an idea of getting an anchor on the back of his arm, anchors these days seem to be a challenge for me. A challenge in the way of trying to do something a little different, yet still keeping it traditional without making it boring. All these tasks come with the exception of  your client giving you the “go ahead” to do something off the beaten path from what they asked for. In this case, Jake let me do something I wanted to do.  As a good friend and great tattooer once told me, “It’s all about your confidence and approach that sells the tattoo”. I wish that were true of most bar fights and pick-up lines…

Directly afterward, a young lady by the name of Emilie walked in with a group of friends visiting our humble beach town. She is living in New York and came down for a small trip with friends and decided to get a small tattoo on her wrist. A sailboat is what she asked for, and I thought it a pretty cool idea. With all that has been going this year, it was I had not to make the water brown or black.