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Finders Keepers, Lucid Sleepers..

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For even in the darkest of realms we shall find one another…

Below are some photos of recent tattoos

A few dragons from my trip to Panama City Beach, Black Cat Tattoo

I always enjoy going back home.

I am very fortunate to have such great clients that trust me…

I like tattooing snakes

The two go so well together. The Jesus tattoo I did while on my trip to Blue Flame Tattoo.

Don’t Fear It..

Butterflies, butterflies…


And I’m Off!

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I am on my way to Florida in the morning. I can not even express how happy I am to be reunited with friends. Time for some drinkin’, eatin’, tattooing, and perhaps some good time music. I am leaving you with this tattoo, she asked for a snake, flowers, and a rabbit’s foot. This is what I came up with, she really liked it, and I was more than happy to apply it.

Where Eagles Glare

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Trading paintings is what I am into these days. I can’t really afford to buy all the paintings that I want from all of the artists that I particularly like. I am trying the barter system, “I’ll paint you something if you paint me something”, line.  I am in the middle of trading a painting to an artist by the name of Cyndi Lou, tattooer and shop owner of  “Squid and Whale”, located in Portland Maine. I did a piece of flash from Amund Dietzel that I really liked, and I added a native Florida butterfly in the bottom left hand corner to represent the state I live in.

This painting was a lot of fun and I am happy that it found its way to Maine.

I got this great wall hanging (below) at an estate sale my friend Danny, and his wife had last week.  I had seen it laying face down on a table and flipped it over to take a look, what a great find. I really like antiques(who doesn’t these days, I’m trying to get cool points…) and this is going to look great on my new wall.

I am trying to sell a few paintings that have been growing roots in my art cabinet.  I have some prints that I would like to sell as well. I plan on setting up a folder on my Facebook to do so. Here is one below that I did last year

It’s a small frame, nothing huge. I plan on making prints of some photography I have done as well.

This would look great right above your toilet. It’s so appealing to the eyes, and it really makes you want to relax after a long day and let it go…

I picked this cotton in Alabama on a road trip to see the family in Georgia. I felt like if I didn’t hurry up and pick it and get in the truck, I was going to lose a butt cheek from some rock salt blast. It still resides in our living room, in full bloom.