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Things That Go Bump In The Night

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Sugar is sweet but vagina is betterI had a good time tattooing this gentleman. His my name is my name too. There are so many twists that you can put on this type of  imagery, I feel like you should stay true to its design yet make it creative enough to show that you can go above the Google Stampede.

 This young lady by the name of Lori was a pleasure to meet and work with. Lori was passing through Atlanta and wanted to get a tattoo at our shop before she left. This was the image she asked for and I was pretty excited to draw it up or her. There were a few really great tattoos that she wore proudly, honored to be next to some of them.

I did this butterfly on my good friend and great tattooer Cori James. I work with this young lady and I can tell you that she is tough as nails.

Titties…. need I say more

This gentleman came to me on his way through Atlanta as well. I had so much fun with him and his lady. Truly great people.

Tattooed this on my new friend Nick. I was pretty stoked to put this next to a Krooked Ken piece.

bearded lay 2 (2)These are a few from The Electric City Convention. I was really in to black at this convention. I always get really excited when people want black traditional, it’s one of my favorite approaches to take.

scorpionSo much fun!

A day with out a dagger is like a day with out water.

I have not posted in a long time. I have a lot that I have been doing, I have just been lazy on this end of my social skills.


kul and dage











I really enjoy the one above, I love to set things in a different mood.



So Many Mayans, So Little Time…

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Well, I figure one last update is in order before the end of the world, or at least until I wake up on Saturday and find out that I still have bills to pay,Christmas to celebrate,and a headlight that still needs to be replaced on my recently renewed, crash tested 2012 Kia Soul. Thank God the officer was kind enough to keep me waiting in suspense, while he questioned my child’s age, and school district as though I had decided to steal this mini toaster with a missing headlight away from an under middle class single parent. Anyways, here is what I have been up to the last few months.

wuff head, ya dumb dumb

This tattoo above was done on my good buddy Mike. We are still in the process of adding a dream catcher underneath of it.

Below is a tattoo that I did on Pippin. Pippin came to me with an idea from the movie, “Lawless”. Lawless is an incredible movie and I highly recommend you watch it

heart, balls, who gives a crap, they both get you in troubleAfter watching this movie, I became obsessed and read the book as well.

thems nice chineese throwin' stars

Above is a painting that I did for my friend Lucy. Lucy is expecting a child and I congratulated her with this token for her daughter’s room, and she also was awesome enough to get tickets to a show for me and my lady!

063The tattoo above was done on one of my really great clients and friend, Corey. He brought me in the reference and I changed a few things and added my own take on it. This was a fun tattoo because I don’t typically use some of these colors in my custom work.

Below is a rad tattoo on a client that wanted some type of family tree oriented theme.

intials dont grow on trees silly..There have been so many great people coming to me for work, and I feel very blessed to have them in my life.

The last few months have taken a minute to get used to, but I can say that this is the happiest I have been since moving to Georgia. Now this isn’t to discredit the time and efforts leading up to this, but things are starting to take shape.

Tom Wates for no oneI had a petty good time doing this little hour-glass tattoo.

meee yowThis was a fun walk in, she had many great tattoos and I was excited to add another one to her collection.

Roses are red, fuck you..What a fun little painting, I based it off of a photo from the 20’s. It was a tattoo on a lady’s back, I really liked it and felt like painting it. I later gifted it to my good friend and co-worker’s daughter, Brett Pundt. Talented artist that guy is.

kiss my gritsHere is a little diddy I painted up for my lady’s mother for Christmas. She is a hard-working lady who deserves her vacation. Referenced from Sailor Jerry


The image above was tattooed while visiting my old stomping grounds, Black Cat Tattoo.

chief running bar tabAnother fun tattoo from my Black Cat Tattoo trip.

i like butterflies and rainbowsThe image above was tattooed on a very nice young lady in Atlanta who always comes to me for her work.

roses are red, still...fuck youThe rose and lady tattoo was done during my trip to Livewire Tattoo in Jax. Beach,Fl.

she shellsThe tattoo above was done on my lovely lady partner, she really enjoyed it…

what in my hurr?This was based off of a painting that I did (above) Owen Jensen reference, I really enjoy my job.

co keelin' it dawgSome fun on a different medium.

magnoliaFun walk in

lighthouseI really loved doing this tattoo.

finger paintTattooed while guesting at The tattoo Zone, Mobile,Al.

eagle bitchesTattoo in Mobile, Al.

jap cat

Tattooed in Mobile,Al.

butterfly kissesTattooed in Mobile,Al.

roses are black, crack a lackRoses, always fun

roses are red, you know the resta little trade out with my buddy Josh, this is what I painted him


jebusthis is a painting that I did for Dan Wulff at Tattoo Faction, Cleveland, OH.

Sweating Like A Whore In Church

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It has been a little bit since last I posted anything, a lot has happened in the last few months to say the least.

Someone told me that, “Good Things Come From Chaos”. I hope this is true. I have been doing a little traveling to ease the tension and frustration that my situation has produced. I am lucky enough to have a family that supports my recent decisions even though it affects they’re surroundings and comfort zone. I feel like I have truck sitting on my chest when I lay down for sleep. My travels have produced great opinions regarding my situation and future endeavors. Life is great in its grand scheme to destroy and rebuild. I am humbled by the experiences and as any human being, also exhausted and a little jaded at times. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many great tattooers and exchanging tattoos with them as well. When I start to feel a little doomed, I look at what the last 2 years have produced for my family and I, and then I feel extremely grateful and blessed. You can not make everybody happy all of the time, and some will just never be happy no matter what. I am learning to become my own person for my family, and myself. The move to Georgia was one of the best things I could have done for my tattooing and reputation. It has opened many a door for me and I am grateful to those who have helped me open them. The next journey is uncertain, but many ideas have been put in to motion for the next milestone. Here are some picture from my trip to Livewire Tattoo in Jax. Beach,Fl. An incredible amount of respect for this shop.

I did this tattoo (above) on a gentleman that was traveling from South Africa, he wanted all of these elements to describe his travels and situation. I had a great time with him, very polite and easy to please.

Below is a tattoo that I did on my good buddy Justin’s girlfriend. Her grandmother used to work for the Jacksonville Paper and loved Cardinals. She had an idea for typewriter, I listened to her other ideas and put them together. This girl had some nice tattoos from Inksmith & Rogers and I felt lucky to put one next to them.

I have been so lucky to do so many fun tattoos lately, I recently started a full torso piece. I have started the outline to the center, and this week I will be outlining the sides and bottom. Below is what I have started.

Recently my girlfriend’s best friend, Tera came to visit with her boyfriend Justin.  She wanted to get a gramophone tattooed on her foot, I have done a few of these tattoos and trying to change them up a little different each time can be a little challenging. It was really fun and I was glad that I got to do it for her.

This next tattoo was done on my good buddy Jake, he is a body piercer at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Below you will see the beginning of a stomach tattoo I did on our apprentice, Cori.

She didn’t even flinch a muscle. Tough cookie that girl is.

I am excited to get all these projects finished.

This next tattoo is on my good friend, fellow tattooer, and inquisitor of transcendence and science brother, Ugly Tom Michael. Tom tattoos in Charlotte, NC.

He asked me to tattoo something in the way of science, death, and transcendence. These are my favorite things!

Tom and I traded tattoos of the same related subject matter. This is what I did on him.

Tom brought one of his good friends Adam with him to get tattooed by Jason Kelly, another great tattooer and good friend. Jason was booked up so he decided to let me have the thrill of doing a fun tattoo on Adam. He asked for a panther with a dagger going through the head, Adam.., don’t ever shave yourself again.

Below is tattoo I did on Mr. Brett Pundt. Brett works with me at the shop and is an incredible tattooer. We traded tattoos recently, he asked me for an eagle. I had a blast doing this tattoo, I really enjoy tattooing eagles.

here as some little jammers below..

And Another…

And below are some Magnolias I did. I enjoy black & grey, even though I don’t do it much, I still enjoy the opportunity.

Below is a tattoo I did on one of Greg Christain’s clients. Greg was nice enough to share his client with me while I was tattooing at Tattoo Faction- Cleveland,Ohio. Wouldn’t you know it, he asked for a round flower! There is a whole history behind these flowers, in a short explanation, they are to symbolize protection.

And here is another one I did as a slap over(cover-up) on a good friend and great tattooer, Ben Thomas. Ben and I traded tattoos, tons of fun. Ben Thomas works at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Right below is a matching tattoo I did on best friends.

I have been trading out paintings to artist that I admire in hopes that I will have something to pass to my son besides my own. This is a painting I did this for Ben Rorke, Ben is one of my favorite tattooers right now. He works Brisbane, Australia.

As I mentioned earlier above, I don’t really do much black & grey, but here is another one.

Below is a tattoo I did on another really good friend and great tattooer, Lana Gooding.

Lana is a resident and tattoo maker in Texas.

and last but not least in my great friend Jason Kelly. Jason is a tattooer in Atlanta. Jason and I decided we were gonna trade butterfly tattoos. Jason is an incredible tattooer and one of my many favorites. He doesn’t have much room, but I am glad to have had a clean piece.

There you have it, its been awhile.. thank you for looking!!

Crusty Eagles In Paradise

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Another great trip to Panama City Beach. I did some really cool tattoos, and got to see old friends.

Mattew Welch Flew in from New Mexico to do a spot as well. It was great having all of us in the same building again. I ended up trading a tattoo out with Megan Fernandez, I got her to do a hotstuff devil on my leg, and I tattooed an eagle on her leg going slightly across her knee. The picture is a little crusty from the following day, but it’s all I had to go on.

I got to do some really awesome tattoos while I was in town

I felt so lucky to do all these great ideas.

I adore the people of this town. I left my home in search of something that would broaden my horizons, and I have always been welcomed back by my peers with open arms, this is what is important to me.

People trust me to do tattoos on them that they will be proud of, I also find as much pride in them as well.

The picture above did not come out as well as I hoped. I must have taken a million pictures of every tattoo, and STILL, I am a shitty photgrapher!

Here is a little painting that Megan Fernandez, Darren Anderson, and myself put together for our buddy Steve’s birthday.

A great photo for a great week.

Today at FYTG

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Business is starting to pick back up at Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, and this makes me breath with a sigh of comfort. I decided to paint something in between tattoos today, I had some scrap pieces of paper lying around so I put one of them to use. I used some old flash reference that I have been eye-ballin’  lately and started to drawing. I have to admit, lately I have been really diggin’ on a few artists and they’re approach to art. I suggest you take a look at Christopher Ayalin, Raymond Wallace, Bradley Thompkins, Greg Christain, and Claudia De Sabe. Those are just a few on a long list of awesome artists that I look at daily to remind myself to keep drawing! This is what I did today 7-30-11.

A Day In The Life Of Ginger Beaner

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Here is a little update on what I have been up to the last few weeks. Its has been busy, and I have a couple of  bigger pieces started that I am anxious to get back on. I have a painting to finish for the Ink For Pink benefit July 2nd., the theme is circus side-show freaks or circus related material. Hellalujah! is playing the event and it has been a good minute since we have gotten together, all I can say is that some drankin’ is going down.

This girl with the mermaid rib piece is a monster! 2 sessions(my choice, not hers) not one whimper, squeal,or twitch out of this girl.

Below is a horse shoe that I tattooed on my friend Scott, it wont be long before  his sleeve is finished.

Things are looking up in the ATL. The weather has been strange but getting better, and Georgia has some of the most incredible wild flowers I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. You can take a ride through some of these country back roads with your windows down and smell the most incredible scent.

Above is a Sailor Jerry piece that was a walk-in jammer that I had the pleasure of doing. He is fire fighter in the area, and is interested in getting a sleeve.

Below is a tattoo that I did as a trade out for an antique picture frame. Mike is a very polite, well-mannered individual and has been stopping by from time to time to say hello.

I recently have had the pleasure of starting a chest rocker on an awesome person that made a drive from Jacksonville to hang out with friends and get tattooed. Justin wanted an eagle holding a compass and perhaps some rope and a clipper incorporated in to the piece, I am stoked to have this project on my hands.

This is gonna be a fun one for sure.

Above you see a tiny clipper, this is on Mr. Jared Chance. Jared is the body piercer here at the shop. It was a slow night at the shop and so we decided to do a little something.

(Below)This is becoming one of my favorite pictures and moments most memorable at the shop. It’s me tattooing the palm of Neil Worth. He wanted a clipper ship o his palm, oh did he get it. He is a tattooer that I work with, and will be missed as he makes his way up to the new shop in Hagerstown,Maryland owned by Mr. Dave Kruseman. “Old Line Tattoo”, check it out when you get a chance.

Oh Neil, I really enjoyed this homie.

Good times at Forever Yours Tattoo.

The Devil Likes Dames And Wheelbarrow Races

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Upon my second trip to Austin, I ended up doing a really cool tattooed on an old friend. I love the way the devil is depicted in folk art. I took the reference from an old wood block print. Out of most tattoos, I always find myself enjoying the devil one’s the most.










I really enjoyed my trip to Austin this go around. Steadfast and crew are always fun to work with, and my family traveled along on this trip. While we were there, we visited a few great shops and meet some great artists. Perfection tattoo was an incredible shop with a lot of great historical artwork. Chris Trevino was very humble and kind, and we got a glimpse of his new book “Gods and Warriors”. After leaving Perfection Tattoo, we traveled over to Rock Of Ages Tattoo and met up with Steve Byrne, where he tattooed some very nice pin wheel flowers on my lady’s forearms. Rock of Ages was a great shop with a lot of art history as well, never pass up the opportunity to visit if your ever in Austin. Later on in the week we ended up going to see Jason Brooks over at his new spot in Austin called “Great Wave Tattoo”.  There were original paintings and flash by late tattooer, Mike Malone. They were displayed on the walls of his studio very nicely.  I have to say that this trip was even more productive than the last. Now we are back at our home in Florida, packing and getting ready for our new adventures, and my new job @ “Forever Yours Tattoo” in Atlanta Georgia.  Forever Yours Tattoo, is now part of the loving “Memorial Tattoo” family. I am getting a chance to work along side of Dave Kruseman for a short while. I’m looking forward to gaining what knowledge I can while working with him.

This is a little something I painted for Peter Gilcrease, owner of  Steadfast Tattoo, Austin Texas. He has started a large flash page to display in his shop, put together by his artists and guests who tattoo there. I was fortunate enough to add one.











This is on my buddy Scott, he is a long time friend of our studio and all around good guy. He wants to do a sleeve of traditional style tattoos dealing with his hobbies and passions. This is a Sailor Jerry piece of  flash that he wanted really bad. I really enjoy doing old flash, and so I jumped right on it. Turned out nice, and was a lot of fun.

Here is a mermaid that I did this past week. I used some old Spaulding and Rogers flash as reference.

I wish the photo would have come out a little warmer, but this will do.

Here is a piece I posted a while back, but it wasn’t quite finished. I wish I was a better photographer!

A little something I whipped up a week or more ago. I am trying to switch up the way I paint a little. Even though I don’t want to justify myself, I will. This painting is in no way related to the Holocaust, nor does it have anything to do with hate. This symbol, the “Swastika”, has been used to depict a lot of positive meanings throughout history. Take a minute to educate yourself, every bit of knowledge and truth to its meaning will move it further from the evil meaning it has carried unjustly.










Healed pictures coming soon.