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Things That Go Bump In The Night

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Sugar is sweet but vagina is betterI had a good time tattooing this gentleman. His my name is my name too. There are so many twists that you can put on this type of  imagery, I feel like you should stay true to its design yet make it creative enough to show that you can go above the Google Stampede.

 This young lady by the name of Lori was a pleasure to meet and work with. Lori was passing through Atlanta and wanted to get a tattoo at our shop before she left. This was the image she asked for and I was pretty excited to draw it up or her. There were a few really great tattoos that she wore proudly, honored to be next to some of them.

I did this butterfly on my good friend and great tattooer Cori James. I work with this young lady and I can tell you that she is tough as nails.

Titties…. need I say more

This gentleman came to me on his way through Atlanta as well. I had so much fun with him and his lady. Truly great people.

Tattooed this on my new friend Nick. I was pretty stoked to put this next to a Krooked Ken piece.

bearded lay 2 (2)These are a few from The Electric City Convention. I was really in to black at this convention. I always get really excited when people want black traditional, it’s one of my favorite approaches to take.

scorpionSo much fun!

A day with out a dagger is like a day with out water.

I have not posted in a long time. I have a lot that I have been doing, I have just been lazy on this end of my social skills.


kul and dage











I really enjoy the one above, I love to set things in a different mood.



Tropical Depression

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It’s hard to tell these days what disaster will fall on our city next. The oil spill in the Gulf, to the tropical storms and Hurricanes that will  push the oil ashore and further more push the tourism completely out. Our studio has been steady, but by no means the engine it once was. I thank the great people of our city for coming in and keeping us busy.

There are so many  rumors surrounding the oil and where it is headed next. Our beaches have been incredible, yet the media still tends to run them off. I am hoping to gain something more than depression from all of this, I have been wanting to do a few guest spots and this is exactly the sort of thing that will push me to do so.  I am wanting to go back to Texas again, what a place, I had the best time there and know that I have made some good friends.  I can only hope that our town can bounce back from all of this.

I have been painting and trying to forget about what, or what might not happen. Though my ideas have been scattered, I have been happy with the last few projects(which most are still waiting to be finished).  I have a few tattoos out there that I am trying to get done so that I look like I’m at least trying to be productive.

Here is a piece (below) that a friend brought to me, I changed it up a little but tried to keep it as close to the original things that she enjoyed about it. I lay my pride down a good bit theses days, it’s not always about trying to impress other tattooers, or being the guy that tears other people’s ideas apart until they themselves are subject to the cruel ways in wich we tattooers get our way, and down play the client with our Jedi tattoo mind game.

This is actually a cover up that I, once again, forgot to take a before and after picture. Pardon the glare, but it’s all I know.  Here is a little piece of flash that I painted for the shop sheet that we are putting together. Thanks Percy for the hot naked star chick!