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Thank you Black Cat Tattoo-PCB

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My trip went way better than I thought it would. I would like to give an open apology to those that I did not get to, I got in a little over my head and lost track of time. It was great hangin’ out with my old crew at Black Cat Tattoo, Darren Anderson, and Megan Fernandez are on my page for you viewing pleasure, so check them out! Picking each other’s brains for a new way of doing things is always my favorite thing about working with other artists. Getting a chance to work around the crew at Black Cat was refreshing and helpful in guiding me towards something a little better than what I was currently doing. Here is an owl below that I did on an existing client and friend of mine.

This was great piece, and I was grateful to have had the chance o do it. Below is a panther eating a girl’s head. I have seen a good bit of these done, and most of them are incredible. I took a few tips from Megan, and did a version that could fit on the top of a foot. It was fun, although I believe the next time I see Kevin, I will bug him to add something around it. Kevin Roth was the gentleman that received this tattoo, a very kind and appreciative soul.

Right below is my buddy Scot Thorpe. We have been working on a sleeve piece by piece. This is what I added while I was in PCB.

The piece above was taken from some old flash by Ben Corday, very awesome imagery.

The picture above ended up being a little shiny, but it’s the best one out of 500 that I took! I started this tattoo a while back, and this time to PCB I got to finish it. The random flower at top was already there before we started, I plan on re-doing it and adding it to the present tattoo.

Below here is a Sailor Jerry Hula Girl, this young lady was a walk-in at Black Cat, and I love me some Sailor Jerry .

And one more for  the road, below is a swallow and horseshoe that I tattooed on a young lady’s shoulder. PCB was real good to me, I will being seeing them again real soon!

Thank you for stopin’ by!


On my way to “Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery”, Atlanta.

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Here is a sweet tattoo I did for my good friend Blake. It’s referenced from some Sailor Jerry flash. I really enjoyed doing this tattoo. I have changed my color combo up a bit over the last year, and I am becoming a lot happier with my results.

STOP>>> You can not be tuffer than this girl right here. 2 sessions, not one whimper, not one movement, not even a peep. She just sat and smiled and sucked it up, knowing if she gave in just a little in a shop full of bad asses(not) we would give her hell. Tuff as nails that girl. Kelsey, thank you for the business.

As of March 1st. I will be working @ Forever Yours Tattoo Art Gallery in Douglasville, Ga.  Once owned by Dave Kruseman, and sold to Phil Colvin. I am really excited to be a part of such a solid shop and solid tattooers. I am sad to leave Panama City, but I have been here for a long ass time and it’s time for me to get some new tricks. I will miss Black Cat Tattoo and all of the wonderful people I have met there. I can only hope that my clients and friends will travel to see us, and get some tattoos for ol’ time’s sake. However, I will be back plenty to take appointments and jam some Hellalujah! Thank you Panama City…

I got to add a little to Adam’s tattoo this week. Gonna finish it up this weekend!