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Things That Go Bump In The Night

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Sugar is sweet but vagina is betterI had a good time tattooing this gentleman. His my name is my name too. There are so many twists that you can put on this type of  imagery, I feel like you should stay true to its design yet make it creative enough to show that you can go above the Google Stampede.

 This young lady by the name of Lori was a pleasure to meet and work with. Lori was passing through Atlanta and wanted to get a tattoo at our shop before she left. This was the image she asked for and I was pretty excited to draw it up or her. There were a few really great tattoos that she wore proudly, honored to be next to some of them.

I did this butterfly on my good friend and great tattooer Cori James. I work with this young lady and I can tell you that she is tough as nails.

Titties…. need I say more

This gentleman came to me on his way through Atlanta as well. I had so much fun with him and his lady. Truly great people.

Tattooed this on my new friend Nick. I was pretty stoked to put this next to a Krooked Ken piece.

bearded lay 2 (2)These are a few from The Electric City Convention. I was really in to black at this convention. I always get really excited when people want black traditional, it’s one of my favorite approaches to take.

scorpionSo much fun!

A day with out a dagger is like a day with out water.

I have not posted in a long time. I have a lot that I have been doing, I have just been lazy on this end of my social skills.


kul and dage











I really enjoy the one above, I love to set things in a different mood.



Finders Keepers, Lucid Sleepers..

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For even in the darkest of realms we shall find one another…

Below are some photos of recent tattoos

A few dragons from my trip to Panama City Beach, Black Cat Tattoo

I always enjoy going back home.

I am very fortunate to have such great clients that trust me…

I like tattooing snakes

The two go so well together. The Jesus tattoo I did while on my trip to Blue Flame Tattoo.

Don’t Fear It..

Butterflies, butterflies…

2012 Asheville Tattoo Convention

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What an awesome convention!

This is Ryan, he was my first appointment at the convention. This gentleman was extremely grateful and easy to work on. I had a good time talking with him, and his wife as well. Ryan’s tattoo was pretty much a piece to represent things about his mother, from the stories he shard with me, it seemed this guy has a lot of love and respect for his mother. Thank you Ryan for the chance to tattoo you. Below is what I did on him..

This next tattoo is  classic Bert Grimm piece. I tattoo this little gem on a gent named Mikey. Mikey is a tattooer in Columbus,Ga.

This next tattoo below is a piece that I did on a local artist by the name of Anna Calloway, she was really kind and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, as long as it had some Egyptian subject matter.

The tattoo below is on a young lady that asked me for a rose and a candle. This was a really fun tattoo, I felt bad because her and her boyfriend had been driving for a long time, and you could tell they were tuckered out. Many thanks to the both of them for choosing me for to do the work.

Being at this convention meant a lot to me. I had the chance to meet up with friends and artists that I adore and respect to the fullest. There are bonds that are made at these type of events, and I am blessed to have gotten the chance to be a part of it. Thank you Phil Colvin for sharing a booth with me, below are some pictures of great people.

We all have on our convention specks..

A good group of fellas..

Homies holdin’ down the lobby..

The Wizard making it happen

Below is my view of the drive to Asheville

I wanted to save the best for last…, This is on one of my good friends and awesome tattooer, Shaun Bushnell. Shaun works at Blue Flame Tattoo, look him up.

I would also like to leave you with this healed tattoo from last year-

Below is a tattoo I did on my friend Colleen

I also did this eagle painting…

Phantom Limb

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Twas a slow day, at least I got something done!

The Great Auckland Bound Paint Trade

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For the last year I have been checking out Capilli Tupou’s tattoos, and artwork. I have since made a connection with him and have established a friendship via the interweb. Capilli lives in Auckland, New Zealand. I feel compelled to paint every time I see this gentleman’s work. He has been polite and very complimentary towards my work and efforts in tattooing, as well as painting. Sometimes I feel the decency between two foreign artist’s (as in familiarity) has been shadowed by ego and pride, which are one in the same I guess. Not the case here. This below is what I painted for him, we have talked about a trade for some time now, I figured I would get the jump on him!


Rosie Cheeks

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A little something I painted today, it’s a small part of a big sheet.

I have been listening to The Shins all week, cant wait till the new one comes out.

Foozeball Is Fo da Debil!

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