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Papa Don’t Preach

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Seems like there are demons chasing me these days…. or at least my mind has been haunted by dreams of death and visions of paranormal beings that roam our living quarters.  I have been using all these dreams to my advantage, and putting together a few projects for the near future. On a much lighter and positive note, I recently have been published  under the  “Artist Spotlight” section in Atlanta’s new magazine entitled, “Ink Atlanta” Issue No. 1.

I am grateful to have been published, and I am hoping that it will get me better acquainted with Atlanta’s  tattoo community. Thank you Jessica Hill, and Ink Atlanta for giving me some exposure.

July 21st I will be going back to Panama City for a little guest spot at Black Cat Tattoo. I am hoping to sink my teeth in to some new skin. It’s gonna be nice to see friends and play sum hillbilly jams with the boys. If you live in Panama City and you are reading this post, then come get some fresh ink from me while I’m there!

Above is a painting I did as a trade out with great tattooer by the name of Mr. Shane Woodward. Shane works at Big Kahuna Tattoo in Boca Raton, Fl. I am really looking forward to getting a piece of art from this gentleman. Below is a painting I did for Mr. Bert Krak. I bought an awesome machine from him, and I believe sending a little painting to the person is a  a sign of respect, and further extends  my gratitude, a little something I learned from my good buddy Darren Anderson.

I have recently done a few things that I am happy to post. One of which is a Sailor Jerry piece that friend, and client “Denny” asked me to put on him. I realize that I do a good bit of  Sailor Jerry imagery, but I really enjoy it, and as long as they are asking for it, then I will always be glad to tattoo it.

Below, is a little owl jammer I had the privilege of doing on a referral from Mr. Dave Kruseman. It was her 18th. Birthday and she has been saving her money for it. Its makes me happy to see people planning out they’re tattoos and actually saving for the occasion. She sat real well, and was very polite.

Now…. this next one below is a sugar skull that I did on Eric. I got to do pretty much what I wanted with this piece, and I really enjoyed doing it. I feel very blessed to have so many people trust me with their skin.

I was really happy that I didn’t shit the bed on this one..

Below is a little dragon that I did on a walk-in. I am posting it because it’s not my usual color scheme, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

and one more thing to post would be this…. This gentleman came in our studio asking for Mr. Colvin, Phil was booked so he asked if I would be interested. It was a challenge for me to approach this with a different view other than how I really felt like doing it. I know Phil wanted me to step out from behind the “Traditional Curtain” for a spell, and so I did so. It took me quite a while, but it was still fun. This man’s father passed away and he wanted this Gibson Headstock  with a banner that read “Dad”. It took a bit longer than I thought, but at the end of the day it was still a solid tattoo.

Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog!


A little of this, a little of that, a few steps closer, but still swimmin’ in crap

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It has been a very long last couple of weeks! From one day to the next, it seems like a year apart and yet a second away. The upsides are worth more than downsides, or at least that’s what I have to keep reminding myself. I recently worked that Atlanta Tattoo Convention with Mikie Webb, Jason Kelly, and Jason Smalley worked a day as well. I can’t even express how grateful or excited I was to be welcomed by such talented artists, thank you Phil Colvin for being such a great boss and friend.

While at the Atlanta Convention, I met this cool kat by the name of Raymond Wallace. Raymond works at an awesome studio in Denver Colorado by the name of “Thick As Thieves Tattoo”. Mr. Wallace and I bartered to trade Devil heads before the convention was over. It has been a hot minute since I have been tattooed. Below is what I tattooed on him.

I was a little nervous tattooing another fellow tattooer.  These types of tattoos are fun, and an honor as well.

Below is what Raymond Wallace Tattooed on me

I really like the tattoo that he did on me and I didn’t even bitch while I got tattooed. Below are some pic of Raymond getting a little payback on me

What a great time. I will be looking forward to working with this gentleman again.

So, while at the convention our new shop t-shirts were delivered to our booth. I designed the t-shirt for the studio and was pretty pleased with the results.

They are $20.00 each+$5.00 for shipping. Hit me up on Facebook if your are interested. We have some smooth trucker hats as well with the “Forever Yours  Tattoo Gallery” logo drawn by Chris Stewart. The hats are $10.00

I have been starting a few larger tattoos and do not really have much small tattoos to show off, but here a few..

This Tomahawk was awesome to do. This  is Michael, he collects antiques and trades them to tattooers in the Atlanta area for a little cash,but mostly for tattoo credit. He always has something cool.

Above is a  little globe action. The first of many sessions for this arm.

I can’t even tell you how incredibly respectful and kind this client was to tattoo. His brother was taken from him, and his family fighting for our country. This gentleman was proud to wear this memorial in honor of his brother, and I was even more proud that I had the honor of doing it.

Above is a little add-on to an existing mermaid that was started at the Cinco De Mayo party at “Memorial Tattoo” in Atl, Ga. Very fun indeed!

Above is a picture of a tattoo I did for my good buddy Geo.

A little clipper that I have started, it is on my good friend Ian. He was a trooper I must admit.

So now to re-cap the week before…..our band “Hellalujah”, played a breast cancer benefit in Atlanta called “Ink 4 Pink”. Artists from abroad donated paintings, prizes and musical talent. Our soul mate, and kindred spirit, “The Blue Ribbon Healers” played the show with us as well. Blood, sweat, and booze I tell ya! Here is the painting that I submitted to the show

If you would like to see something just as disturbing, check my brother from another mother, Darren Anderson. You can find him diggin’ a hole and decorating his plot over at:: That man has one foot in the grave I tell ya..

I must say that living in Georgia has been a growing experience. My family and I are struggling a little, but making ground in the concrete jungle. I miss my friends back home in PCB, as I hope they miss us too. I am still positive about the move, and the artists I have met here are quickly becoming great friends. Every day we are becoming more like family to the people who surround us.