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Prints For Sale

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Some Kind Of Tomorrow For Me (Kevin J. Huges 9-11-76 *11-5-11)

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Things happen and sometimes it takes ahold on you in such a profound way that you have trouble coping or even expressing your feelings. This has been my week. Today is another day, and all of this has shown me how precious every moment really is.

Here is a little number I did while I was PCB. A real good time, and a timeless tattoo. Thank you for reading!












Snakes & Roses

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Yesterday was a great day for tattoos. I had a chance to do some really fun stuff.

Hunter was a real sport. The elbow is not fun at all.

Justin is another trooper. Didn’t flinch a bit.

19th. Annual Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival 2011

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I will be working with Phil Colvin, and Jason Kelly Nov. 18th.-20th at this glorious event. Set up an appointment with me via my email. I am ready!!

Stop, Drop, and Tumblr.

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I have added a Tumblr. account to my list of,  “Shit I can hardly keep up with.”  By all means, follow me there as well. I will posting different subject matter there, as opposed to here. Here is a diddy I did on my lovely Melissa.

I have set up a link to my Tumblr  on the blogroll, or you can just got to

Rats, Cats, and Broken Mirrors.

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Below is a tattoo on a friend and client Brooke. Brooke asked me to tattoo a rat with a dagger going through it. After giving it some thought as to how I would approach it, I was surfing on the world-wide web like all the kids do these days with they’re crazy futuristic gadgets, looking for rat references. I stumbled across an awesome  tattoo that was done by  Charles Chatov at Only You Tattoo- Atl,Ga.. It was the same idea and I really liked his approach to it. I used his tattoo as reference and just thought it would only be right to mention him, do yourself a favor and check out some of his work.

Below is a tattoo that I did on Cherie, She asked me for a mirror with a black cat in the reflection. I wasnt quite sure how I would put the two together, so I just did what I thought looked right and solid. Cherie approved and we got to work. I was happy with the outcome as was she. This week is starting to look up, the weather is cooling down and I am ready for jacket weather(take that however you like)


Forever Yours Re-Vamp

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After Phil Colvin bought Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery from Dave Kruseman, we have since discussed making it a little more like our own. This is not to say that there is, or was, anything wrong it. New ownership means new ways of doing things, visually as well. I will post details about the FB page and our new website as well. I painted this to serve as our new flyer for Facebook, and for the new website. There will be prints available as well. Thank you!