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Crusty Eagles In Paradise

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Another great trip to Panama City Beach. I did some really cool tattoos, and got to see old friends.

Mattew Welch Flew in from New Mexico to do a spot as well. It was great having all of us in the same building again. I ended up trading a tattoo out with Megan Fernandez, I got her to do a hotstuff devil on my leg, and I tattooed an eagle on her leg going slightly across her knee. The picture is a little crusty from the following day, but it’s all I had to go on.

I got to do some really awesome tattoos while I was in town

I felt so lucky to do all these great ideas.

I adore the people of this town. I left my home in search of something that would broaden my horizons, and I have always been welcomed back by my peers with open arms, this is what is important to me.

People trust me to do tattoos on them that they will be proud of, I also find as much pride in them as well.

The picture above did not come out as well as I hoped. I must have taken a million pictures of every tattoo, and STILL, I am a shitty photgrapher!

Here is a little painting that Megan Fernandez, Darren Anderson, and myself put together for our buddy Steve’s birthday.

A great photo for a great week.


Thank you Black Cat Tattoo-PCB

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My trip went way better than I thought it would. I would like to give an open apology to those that I did not get to, I got in a little over my head and lost track of time. It was great hangin’ out with my old crew at Black Cat Tattoo, Darren Anderson, and Megan Fernandez are on my page for you viewing pleasure, so check them out! Picking each other’s brains for a new way of doing things is always my favorite thing about working with other artists. Getting a chance to work around the crew at Black Cat was refreshing and helpful in guiding me towards something a little better than what I was currently doing. Here is an owl below that I did on an existing client and friend of mine.

This was great piece, and I was grateful to have had the chance o do it. Below is a panther eating a girl’s head. I have seen a good bit of these done, and most of them are incredible. I took a few tips from Megan, and did a version that could fit on the top of a foot. It was fun, although I believe the next time I see Kevin, I will bug him to add something around it. Kevin Roth was the gentleman that received this tattoo, a very kind and appreciative soul.

Right below is my buddy Scot Thorpe. We have been working on a sleeve piece by piece. This is what I added while I was in PCB.

The piece above was taken from some old flash by Ben Corday, very awesome imagery.

The picture above ended up being a little shiny, but it’s the best one out of 500 that I took! I started this tattoo a while back, and this time to PCB I got to finish it. The random flower at top was already there before we started, I plan on re-doing it and adding it to the present tattoo.

Below here is a Sailor Jerry Hula Girl, this young lady was a walk-in at Black Cat, and I love me some Sailor Jerry .

And one more for  the road, below is a swallow and horseshoe that I tattooed on a young lady’s shoulder. PCB was real good to me, I will being seeing them again real soon!

Thank you for stopin’ by!

A little of this, a little of that, a few steps closer, but still swimmin’ in crap

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It has been a very long last couple of weeks! From one day to the next, it seems like a year apart and yet a second away. The upsides are worth more than downsides, or at least that’s what I have to keep reminding myself. I recently worked that Atlanta Tattoo Convention with Mikie Webb, Jason Kelly, and Jason Smalley worked a day as well. I can’t even express how grateful or excited I was to be welcomed by such talented artists, thank you Phil Colvin for being such a great boss and friend.

While at the Atlanta Convention, I met this cool kat by the name of Raymond Wallace. Raymond works at an awesome studio in Denver Colorado by the name of “Thick As Thieves Tattoo”. Mr. Wallace and I bartered to trade Devil heads before the convention was over. It has been a hot minute since I have been tattooed. Below is what I tattooed on him.

I was a little nervous tattooing another fellow tattooer.  These types of tattoos are fun, and an honor as well.

Below is what Raymond Wallace Tattooed on me

I really like the tattoo that he did on me and I didn’t even bitch while I got tattooed. Below are some pic of Raymond getting a little payback on me

What a great time. I will be looking forward to working with this gentleman again.

So, while at the convention our new shop t-shirts were delivered to our booth. I designed the t-shirt for the studio and was pretty pleased with the results.

They are $20.00 each+$5.00 for shipping. Hit me up on Facebook if your are interested. We have some smooth trucker hats as well with the “Forever Yours  Tattoo Gallery” logo drawn by Chris Stewart. The hats are $10.00

I have been starting a few larger tattoos and do not really have much small tattoos to show off, but here a few..

This Tomahawk was awesome to do. This  is Michael, he collects antiques and trades them to tattooers in the Atlanta area for a little cash,but mostly for tattoo credit. He always has something cool.

Above is a  little globe action. The first of many sessions for this arm.

I can’t even tell you how incredibly respectful and kind this client was to tattoo. His brother was taken from him, and his family fighting for our country. This gentleman was proud to wear this memorial in honor of his brother, and I was even more proud that I had the honor of doing it.

Above is a little add-on to an existing mermaid that was started at the Cinco De Mayo party at “Memorial Tattoo” in Atl, Ga. Very fun indeed!

Above is a picture of a tattoo I did for my good buddy Geo.

A little clipper that I have started, it is on my good friend Ian. He was a trooper I must admit.

So now to re-cap the week before…..our band “Hellalujah”, played a breast cancer benefit in Atlanta called “Ink 4 Pink”. Artists from abroad donated paintings, prizes and musical talent. Our soul mate, and kindred spirit, “The Blue Ribbon Healers” played the show with us as well. Blood, sweat, and booze I tell ya! Here is the painting that I submitted to the show

If you would like to see something just as disturbing, check my brother from another mother, Darren Anderson. You can find him diggin’ a hole and decorating his plot over at:: That man has one foot in the grave I tell ya..

I must say that living in Georgia has been a growing experience. My family and I are struggling a little, but making ground in the concrete jungle. I miss my friends back home in PCB, as I hope they miss us too. I am still positive about the move, and the artists I have met here are quickly becoming great friends. Every day we are becoming more like family to the people who surround us.

“Adelante Siempre” A brief Look Into The Minds Of Weirdos

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So this week went by with a ton of shit going on. I balanced myself by painting this piece to remember, “Without Struggle Comes Nothing”.  PPPPFFFFTTTT…. uh huh. Well anyway, I made it through another week of struggle. With this being said, I fucked my hand up trying to calm my dog and keep her from eating the water meter guy, had a dozen of cancellations , and dealing with other random stresses that make the week so much fun. The upside is…..(drum roll), I finished filing my taxes(you’re welcome welfare recipients), I filed my BP claim (Thanks, but fuck you anyway BP) and I’m doing a few cool tattoos this weekend. Finishing this painting was a good accomplishment for the week,  there is  something about this phrase and the people who wear it, and live by it. “Always Pushing Forward”, it is a quote that will always have you trying as hard as you can, or feel stupid for committing to something you can’t live up to. I choose the first one. This was passed down to me by BFF and great Tattooer, Darren Anderson. There are many great artists that bare the mark “AS”, it’s not meant to be an elite group of cooler thans, or we don’t want cha’s, it’s just a symbol of your loyalty to what you do, and a reminder that we are all fish, once you stop swimming, you will die. Die mutha fucka, Die mutha fucka, Die! Here are some artist that wear it proudly, and some good folks you should look up to find some great art and tattoos: Darren Anderson, Megan Fernandez, Jason Mills, Shane Woodward, Damon Burns, Paul Kristianssen Holland, Steve Whittenberger, and the list goes on.

An Evening With The Colvins

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I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Colvin when she visited Panama City Beach with her son Kozik and her mother.

They were coming up from a south Florida tattoo convention where her husband Phil Colvin was tattooing.  I know of  her husband through a good friend of mine and great tattooer, Richard Davis. It’s finally nice to put a face to a few of the names I have heard over the years. We had a great dinner at the Barefoot and the boys hit it off. It’s great to see my son interact with kids his own age. I found Hope to be very intelligent, witty and easy to hang out with. The boys played for a pretty good time, swimming and playing indoor volleyball at the room. It was great talking about other artists, sharing stories, and going on about baseball. As I watched my son play with Kozik in the pool, I thought to myself, these two guys will be carrying on theyre fathers names one day. It’s the same thing I think about when I see Darren Anderson’s child and mine play together.  I’m proud that I have met such great people in the tattoo industry, and I can only hope that its something that will drive my son to keep it going. There are many great things or children may turn out to be, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that the thought our  sons taking we  have done to the next level makes me swell with pride. Stiletto, Rowan, Kozik, you boys have got some shoes to fill, not only your father’s, but your mother’s as well! It was a shame Phil couldn’t have joined us, but a tattooer’s work is never done. All in all, it was a great evening with the Colvin’s and we are looking forward to Atlanta and meeting up with them again.

“The Folklore Of Death” Set.

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I have always loved this old song/poem. I decided one day that it would be really great to illustrate this old folklore tale. I asked the guys at the shop, and a few artists that I know abroad to help me put it together. Darren Anderson( Black Cat Tattoo/Bay County,Fl.), Jason Mills(Big Kahuna/Boca Raton,Fl.), Megan Fernandez(Big Kahuna/Boca Raton.Fl.), James Yocum(Black Rat Tattoo/Las Cruces,NM), and Matt Welch(Black Cat Tattoo/Bay County,Fl.)