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Finders Keepers, Lucid Sleepers..

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For even in the darkest of realms we shall find one another…

Below are some photos of recent tattoos

A few dragons from my trip to Panama City Beach, Black Cat Tattoo

I always enjoy going back home.

I am very fortunate to have such great clients that trust me…

I like tattooing snakes

The two go so well together. The Jesus tattoo I did while on my trip to Blue Flame Tattoo.

Don’t Fear It..

Butterflies, butterflies…


Sweating Like A Whore In Church

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It has been a little bit since last I posted anything, a lot has happened in the last few months to say the least.

Someone told me that, “Good Things Come From Chaos”. I hope this is true. I have been doing a little traveling to ease the tension and frustration that my situation has produced. I am lucky enough to have a family that supports my recent decisions even though it affects they’re surroundings and comfort zone. I feel like I have truck sitting on my chest when I lay down for sleep. My travels have produced great opinions regarding my situation and future endeavors. Life is great in its grand scheme to destroy and rebuild. I am humbled by the experiences and as any human being, also exhausted and a little jaded at times. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many great tattooers and exchanging tattoos with them as well. When I start to feel a little doomed, I look at what the last 2 years have produced for my family and I, and then I feel extremely grateful and blessed. You can not make everybody happy all of the time, and some will just never be happy no matter what. I am learning to become my own person for my family, and myself. The move to Georgia was one of the best things I could have done for my tattooing and reputation. It has opened many a door for me and I am grateful to those who have helped me open them. The next journey is uncertain, but many ideas have been put in to motion for the next milestone. Here are some picture from my trip to Livewire Tattoo in Jax. Beach,Fl. An incredible amount of respect for this shop.

I did this tattoo (above) on a gentleman that was traveling from South Africa, he wanted all of these elements to describe his travels and situation. I had a great time with him, very polite and easy to please.

Below is a tattoo that I did on my good buddy Justin’s girlfriend. Her grandmother used to work for the Jacksonville Paper and loved Cardinals. She had an idea for typewriter, I listened to her other ideas and put them together. This girl had some nice tattoos from Inksmith & Rogers and I felt lucky to put one next to them.

I have been so lucky to do so many fun tattoos lately, I recently started a full torso piece. I have started the outline to the center, and this week I will be outlining the sides and bottom. Below is what I have started.

Recently my girlfriend’s best friend, Tera came to visit with her boyfriend Justin.  She wanted to get a gramophone tattooed on her foot, I have done a few of these tattoos and trying to change them up a little different each time can be a little challenging. It was really fun and I was glad that I got to do it for her.

This next tattoo was done on my good buddy Jake, he is a body piercer at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Below you will see the beginning of a stomach tattoo I did on our apprentice, Cori.

She didn’t even flinch a muscle. Tough cookie that girl is.

I am excited to get all these projects finished.

This next tattoo is on my good friend, fellow tattooer, and inquisitor of transcendence and science brother, Ugly Tom Michael. Tom tattoos in Charlotte, NC.

He asked me to tattoo something in the way of science, death, and transcendence. These are my favorite things!

Tom and I traded tattoos of the same related subject matter. This is what I did on him.

Tom brought one of his good friends Adam with him to get tattooed by Jason Kelly, another great tattooer and good friend. Jason was booked up so he decided to let me have the thrill of doing a fun tattoo on Adam. He asked for a panther with a dagger going through the head, Adam.., don’t ever shave yourself again.

Below is tattoo I did on Mr. Brett Pundt. Brett works with me at the shop and is an incredible tattooer. We traded tattoos recently, he asked me for an eagle. I had a blast doing this tattoo, I really enjoy tattooing eagles.

here as some little jammers below..

And Another…

And below are some Magnolias I did. I enjoy black & grey, even though I don’t do it much, I still enjoy the opportunity.

Below is a tattoo I did on one of Greg Christain’s clients. Greg was nice enough to share his client with me while I was tattooing at Tattoo Faction- Cleveland,Ohio. Wouldn’t you know it, he asked for a round flower! There is a whole history behind these flowers, in a short explanation, they are to symbolize protection.

And here is another one I did as a slap over(cover-up) on a good friend and great tattooer, Ben Thomas. Ben and I traded tattoos, tons of fun. Ben Thomas works at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Right below is a matching tattoo I did on best friends.

I have been trading out paintings to artist that I admire in hopes that I will have something to pass to my son besides my own. This is a painting I did this for Ben Rorke, Ben is one of my favorite tattooers right now. He works Brisbane, Australia.

As I mentioned earlier above, I don’t really do much black & grey, but here is another one.

Below is a tattoo I did on another really good friend and great tattooer, Lana Gooding.

Lana is a resident and tattoo maker in Texas.

and last but not least in my great friend Jason Kelly. Jason is a tattooer in Atlanta. Jason and I decided we were gonna trade butterfly tattoos. Jason is an incredible tattooer and one of my many favorites. He doesn’t have much room, but I am glad to have had a clean piece.

There you have it, its been awhile.. thank you for looking!!

Rats, Cats, and Broken Mirrors.

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Below is a tattoo on a friend and client Brooke. Brooke asked me to tattoo a rat with a dagger going through it. After giving it some thought as to how I would approach it, I was surfing on the world-wide web like all the kids do these days with they’re crazy futuristic gadgets, looking for rat references. I stumbled across an awesome  tattoo that was done by  Charles Chatov at Only You Tattoo- Atl,Ga.. It was the same idea and I really liked his approach to it. I used his tattoo as reference and just thought it would only be right to mention him, do yourself a favor and check out some of his work.

Below is a tattoo that I did on Cherie, She asked me for a mirror with a black cat in the reflection. I wasnt quite sure how I would put the two together, so I just did what I thought looked right and solid. Cherie approved and we got to work. I was happy with the outcome as was she. This week is starting to look up, the weather is cooling down and I am ready for jacket weather(take that however you like)


What’s Love Got To Do With It Tina Turner…

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Here is a lil’ Cherub  I did on a client named Becca. She has a few pieces by Dave Kruseman, and now I have added this to her thigh. I was hoping for a better picture of this tattoo for whip’s sake! Soon there will be a matching one on the her other thigh, but that one will be an alien Cherub.

The tattoo below is client of mine that walked in on a hunch that I would have an opening, and I did! She asked for a key with a heart for the top, and so I did this little diddy.

This month has started off pretty good and my trip to Black Cat Tattoo is going to be a busy one. I ended up getting booked solid, thank you PCB!

This painting below is going to Brian Kindamo, he works at American Classic Tattoo in Athens, Ga. We agreed upon a little trade out, and so this is what I am bestowing onto him.

Tis the season for trading!

Papa Don’t Preach

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Seems like there are demons chasing me these days…. or at least my mind has been haunted by dreams of death and visions of paranormal beings that roam our living quarters.  I have been using all these dreams to my advantage, and putting together a few projects for the near future. On a much lighter and positive note, I recently have been published  under the  “Artist Spotlight” section in Atlanta’s new magazine entitled, “Ink Atlanta” Issue No. 1.

I am grateful to have been published, and I am hoping that it will get me better acquainted with Atlanta’s  tattoo community. Thank you Jessica Hill, and Ink Atlanta for giving me some exposure.

July 21st I will be going back to Panama City for a little guest spot at Black Cat Tattoo. I am hoping to sink my teeth in to some new skin. It’s gonna be nice to see friends and play sum hillbilly jams with the boys. If you live in Panama City and you are reading this post, then come get some fresh ink from me while I’m there!

Above is a painting I did as a trade out with great tattooer by the name of Mr. Shane Woodward. Shane works at Big Kahuna Tattoo in Boca Raton, Fl. I am really looking forward to getting a piece of art from this gentleman. Below is a painting I did for Mr. Bert Krak. I bought an awesome machine from him, and I believe sending a little painting to the person is a  a sign of respect, and further extends  my gratitude, a little something I learned from my good buddy Darren Anderson.

I have recently done a few things that I am happy to post. One of which is a Sailor Jerry piece that friend, and client “Denny” asked me to put on him. I realize that I do a good bit of  Sailor Jerry imagery, but I really enjoy it, and as long as they are asking for it, then I will always be glad to tattoo it.

Below, is a little owl jammer I had the privilege of doing on a referral from Mr. Dave Kruseman. It was her 18th. Birthday and she has been saving her money for it. Its makes me happy to see people planning out they’re tattoos and actually saving for the occasion. She sat real well, and was very polite.

Now…. this next one below is a sugar skull that I did on Eric. I got to do pretty much what I wanted with this piece, and I really enjoyed doing it. I feel very blessed to have so many people trust me with their skin.

I was really happy that I didn’t shit the bed on this one..

Below is a little dragon that I did on a walk-in. I am posting it because it’s not my usual color scheme, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

and one more thing to post would be this…. This gentleman came in our studio asking for Mr. Colvin, Phil was booked so he asked if I would be interested. It was a challenge for me to approach this with a different view other than how I really felt like doing it. I know Phil wanted me to step out from behind the “Traditional Curtain” for a spell, and so I did so. It took me quite a while, but it was still fun. This man’s father passed away and he wanted this Gibson Headstock  with a banner that read “Dad”. It took a bit longer than I thought, but at the end of the day it was still a solid tattoo.

Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog!

Holy Coffin Swallower

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This is a painting that I did for Phil and Hope Colvin that own Memorial Tattoo in Atlanta Georgia.  I recently spent sometime with the Colvin’s as they were here enjoying theyre vacation. It’s great that our children share such a great connection with one another.This painting explains how i have been feeling this past month. There was a lot f stress building up on me and things started to unravel, mainly my brain. Everybody goes through it from time to time, and the positive thing that came out of all of that was a great painting for an incredible tattoo studio and good friend.

A few random paintings here and there have been sprouting out of me, mostly ideas that clients have asked me to draw and never came back to even check on them. Got to love that.  The end of our tourist season is coming up and that means that I will have more time to paint my own ideas and cut loose a little. Seems like everybody at the shop lately has been under a good bit of stress trying to get our shifts covered so that we can do our guest spots.

This is a little painting/tattoo that I plan on doing for Melissa. We both love baseball and going to Turner Field to watch the Braves play. She has always wanted a Braves tattoo to show her love for her team and the game. We have yet to actually do the tattoo, but I will treat her to some new ink soon. A tattooer’s girlfriend/wife, has to have the most patience out of anybody, for they are always the last to get tattooed.

It was a slow day at the shop today so I decided to do a little something to kill boredom. It was a tattoo that I had done earlier this week. It’s a little different from what I tattooed, but I did the tattoo and really didn’t feel like painting it the same way.

I am happy that I have had the chance to do something cool over the last week or so. It brings up the spirit a good bit

Alligator Tears, and Random Thoughts That Go South

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Sitting at the house the other night I decided to paint my good friend and co-worker Mat Welch a little something. I had sketched out an idea for the shop page that we are putting together and Mat commented how much he liked it, I

didn’t feel like putting it on the page really, so I ended up painting it for him.

When thinking about it, we have worked together for a few years and I hadn’t painted anything for him? What a dick.

I have been looking at some older flash and paintings that i have done and I’m thinking, “I should just sell all this shit”.

Seems like the more I look at it, the more I need to just get rid of it. So I am considering just sending it to random people I know in the industry. Everybody likes receiving art, right? This way I will feel like a loser for not having any art to show, and it will make me paint even more.