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Phantom Limb

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Twas a slow day, at least I got something done!


Stop, Drop, and Split!

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I have recently been speaking with Todd Gregg from “Walk The Line Tattoo”, located in Athens, Georgia. I asked him if he was interested in doing a split painting with me, and he agreed that it would be a lot of fun. I am very interested in seeing what he does, I enjoy the work he puts out and have for some time. Trading, or splitting art with other artists is a great way of communicating, and learning as well as creating a bond with fellow artists. I am very pleased to have finished a trade with Shaun Bushnell from Blue Flame Tattoo as well. I will post both of the paintings, his and I, when I get them downloaded.

Some Kind Of Tomorrow For Me (Kevin J. Huges 9-11-76 *11-5-11)

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Things happen and sometimes it takes ahold on you in such a profound way that you have trouble coping or even expressing your feelings. This has been my week. Today is another day, and all of this has shown me how precious every moment really is.

Here is a little number I did while I was PCB. A real good time, and a timeless tattoo. Thank you for reading!