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My Time At LiveWire Tattoo.

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First off I would like to thank my boss and close friend, Phil Colvin. When I brought up wanting to do a spot in Jacksonville, he recommended LiveWire Tattoo in Jax Beach,Fl. LiveWire is owned by Jason Harms, the people who make up this great shop include: Jason Harms, Margot Audler, and Richard Stell(when not traveling). I had a damn good time hanging out with everybody I worked with over the course of my spot. Here are some tattoos I did while I was there.

The tattoo above was one of my favorites, basically because I don’t really do many tattoos with this feel and subject matter. Call it whatever style you like, I call it fun. Jason Harms gave me some great pointers when approaching this tattoo, I believe it came out the way it did thanks to him.

Above is an Eagle I started in Atlanta. It is the beginning to an entire torso piece that will include a compass, roses, and some other things that will hurt. Justin is a good guy and know how to sit still.

Below is a tiny Ben Corday tattoo, it is based on of a piece of his flash. Margot asked me if I wanted to tattoo her before I left, and I was honored to have a piece of art on her, and sitting next to so many other great tattooers tattoos.

Thank you Margot for allowing me to be on your museum leg!

Below is a little painting that I whipped up before I left for Jacksonville, oddly enough it’s the same tattoo she chose to get without knowledge of the painting.

Here is a picture(below) of a tattoo that I did on our front girl and apprentice, Cori. I did post this a while back, but it has healed up and I feel like its time to give an updated version.

I am going to post a few more things.

A few Sundays ago, a young man brought this piece of flash in to me and said he wanted the tattoo to be as close to the original as possible. This is where I usually just draw something I think is more original or maybe just try to give them something that is just for them. It takes control to do it as it lays, so to speak. I may have changed a few tiny things, but I controlled my ego and just did what the kid wanted. The client was happy and I walked away feeling like I ate Buddha’s fart, but as the great Janet Jackson once said..,”Control”.

Below is a picture of a cover up I was asked to do. I used lilies like she requested, and used one of the leaves to cover the ever so popular Kanji. Keep in mind I realize that you can still see the old tattoo due to the swelling, however healed, it served it’s purpose.


Today at FYTG

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Business is starting to pick back up at Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, and this makes me breath with a sigh of comfort. I decided to paint something in between tattoos today, I had some scrap pieces of paper lying around so I put one of them to use. I used some old flash reference that I have been eye-ballin’  lately and started to drawing. I have to admit, lately I have been really diggin’ on a few artists and they’re approach to art. I suggest you take a look at Christopher Ayalin, Raymond Wallace, Bradley Thompkins, Greg Christain, and Claudia De Sabe. Those are just a few on a long list of awesome artists that I look at daily to remind myself to keep drawing! This is what I did today 7-30-11.

Thank you Black Cat Tattoo-PCB

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My trip went way better than I thought it would. I would like to give an open apology to those that I did not get to, I got in a little over my head and lost track of time. It was great hangin’ out with my old crew at Black Cat Tattoo, Darren Anderson, and Megan Fernandez are on my page for you viewing pleasure, so check them out! Picking each other’s brains for a new way of doing things is always my favorite thing about working with other artists. Getting a chance to work around the crew at Black Cat was refreshing and helpful in guiding me towards something a little better than what I was currently doing. Here is an owl below that I did on an existing client and friend of mine.

This was great piece, and I was grateful to have had the chance o do it. Below is a panther eating a girl’s head. I have seen a good bit of these done, and most of them are incredible. I took a few tips from Megan, and did a version that could fit on the top of a foot. It was fun, although I believe the next time I see Kevin, I will bug him to add something around it. Kevin Roth was the gentleman that received this tattoo, a very kind and appreciative soul.

Right below is my buddy Scot Thorpe. We have been working on a sleeve piece by piece. This is what I added while I was in PCB.

The piece above was taken from some old flash by Ben Corday, very awesome imagery.

The picture above ended up being a little shiny, but it’s the best one out of 500 that I took! I started this tattoo a while back, and this time to PCB I got to finish it. The random flower at top was already there before we started, I plan on re-doing it and adding it to the present tattoo.

Below here is a Sailor Jerry Hula Girl, this young lady was a walk-in at Black Cat, and I love me some Sailor Jerry .

And one more for  the road, below is a swallow and horseshoe that I tattooed on a young lady’s shoulder. PCB was real good to me, I will being seeing them again real soon!

Thank you for stopin’ by!