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3rd Time’s A Charm

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I am very happy to announce that I am now working at “Live Free Tattoo”. Located in Grant Park and owned by good friend and all around bad ass, Jason Kelly. The shop is in transition as well as an overhaul from the previous owners, Phil Colvin (Memorial Tattoo,ATL) and Shay Cannon (Liberty Tattoo, ATL.) The change of hands has been a great addition to the Atlanta tattoo scene. I am happy and proud, as well as honored to be working with such great artists. So many things about  this new studio has got my head buzzing. I will keep this page updated and for anybody who is interested in checking it out, you can do so at:

If you have an instagram, you can find us there as well- Livefreetattoo@instagram

I am in a place where I am finding another kind of happiness. Thank you Phil Colvin for bringing me to Atlanta, thank you Jason Kelly for surrounding me with positive vibes and believing in me, and for giving me a spot in your life, and studio.

I also have to thank my friends  Brett Pundt, Jason Smalley, Cori James, Tad Coleman, Kaki Cannon, Shay Cannon, and The Liberty Crew as well as The Memorial Crew for being by my side and being my strength in times when I thought the dark would stay forever, I love you guys.

Most importantly, I could have never moved forward in my life as an artist, or anything else without my loving family’s support. Thank you Melissa and Stiletto


Sweating Like A Whore In Church

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It has been a little bit since last I posted anything, a lot has happened in the last few months to say the least.

Someone told me that, “Good Things Come From Chaos”. I hope this is true. I have been doing a little traveling to ease the tension and frustration that my situation has produced. I am lucky enough to have a family that supports my recent decisions even though it affects they’re surroundings and comfort zone. I feel like I have truck sitting on my chest when I lay down for sleep. My travels have produced great opinions regarding my situation and future endeavors. Life is great in its grand scheme to destroy and rebuild. I am humbled by the experiences and as any human being, also exhausted and a little jaded at times. I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by so many great tattooers and exchanging tattoos with them as well. When I start to feel a little doomed, I look at what the last 2 years have produced for my family and I, and then I feel extremely grateful and blessed. You can not make everybody happy all of the time, and some will just never be happy no matter what. I am learning to become my own person for my family, and myself. The move to Georgia was one of the best things I could have done for my tattooing and reputation. It has opened many a door for me and I am grateful to those who have helped me open them. The next journey is uncertain, but many ideas have been put in to motion for the next milestone. Here are some picture from my trip to Livewire Tattoo in Jax. Beach,Fl. An incredible amount of respect for this shop.

I did this tattoo (above) on a gentleman that was traveling from South Africa, he wanted all of these elements to describe his travels and situation. I had a great time with him, very polite and easy to please.

Below is a tattoo that I did on my good buddy Justin’s girlfriend. Her grandmother used to work for the Jacksonville Paper and loved Cardinals. She had an idea for typewriter, I listened to her other ideas and put them together. This girl had some nice tattoos from Inksmith & Rogers and I felt lucky to put one next to them.

I have been so lucky to do so many fun tattoos lately, I recently started a full torso piece. I have started the outline to the center, and this week I will be outlining the sides and bottom. Below is what I have started.

Recently my girlfriend’s best friend, Tera came to visit with her boyfriend Justin.  She wanted to get a gramophone tattooed on her foot, I have done a few of these tattoos and trying to change them up a little different each time can be a little challenging. It was really fun and I was glad that I got to do it for her.

This next tattoo was done on my good buddy Jake, he is a body piercer at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Below you will see the beginning of a stomach tattoo I did on our apprentice, Cori.

She didn’t even flinch a muscle. Tough cookie that girl is.

I am excited to get all these projects finished.

This next tattoo is on my good friend, fellow tattooer, and inquisitor of transcendence and science brother, Ugly Tom Michael. Tom tattoos in Charlotte, NC.

He asked me to tattoo something in the way of science, death, and transcendence. These are my favorite things!

Tom and I traded tattoos of the same related subject matter. This is what I did on him.

Tom brought one of his good friends Adam with him to get tattooed by Jason Kelly, another great tattooer and good friend. Jason was booked up so he decided to let me have the thrill of doing a fun tattoo on Adam. He asked for a panther with a dagger going through the head, Adam.., don’t ever shave yourself again.

Below is tattoo I did on Mr. Brett Pundt. Brett works with me at the shop and is an incredible tattooer. We traded tattoos recently, he asked me for an eagle. I had a blast doing this tattoo, I really enjoy tattooing eagles.

here as some little jammers below..

And Another…

And below are some Magnolias I did. I enjoy black & grey, even though I don’t do it much, I still enjoy the opportunity.

Below is a tattoo I did on one of Greg Christain’s clients. Greg was nice enough to share his client with me while I was tattooing at Tattoo Faction- Cleveland,Ohio. Wouldn’t you know it, he asked for a round flower! There is a whole history behind these flowers, in a short explanation, they are to symbolize protection.

And here is another one I did as a slap over(cover-up) on a good friend and great tattooer, Ben Thomas. Ben and I traded tattoos, tons of fun. Ben Thomas works at Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta.

Right below is a matching tattoo I did on best friends.

I have been trading out paintings to artist that I admire in hopes that I will have something to pass to my son besides my own. This is a painting I did this for Ben Rorke, Ben is one of my favorite tattooers right now. He works Brisbane, Australia.

As I mentioned earlier above, I don’t really do much black & grey, but here is another one.

Below is a tattoo I did on another really good friend and great tattooer, Lana Gooding.

Lana is a resident and tattoo maker in Texas.

and last but not least in my great friend Jason Kelly. Jason is a tattooer in Atlanta. Jason and I decided we were gonna trade butterfly tattoos. Jason is an incredible tattooer and one of my many favorites. He doesn’t have much room, but I am glad to have had a clean piece.

There you have it, its been awhile.. thank you for looking!!

Stop, Drop, and Split!

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I have recently been speaking with Todd Gregg from “Walk The Line Tattoo”, located in Athens, Georgia. I asked him if he was interested in doing a split painting with me, and he agreed that it would be a lot of fun. I am very interested in seeing what he does, I enjoy the work he puts out and have for some time. Trading, or splitting art with other artists is a great way of communicating, and learning as well as creating a bond with fellow artists. I am very pleased to have finished a trade with Shaun Bushnell from Blue Flame Tattoo as well. I will post both of the paintings, his and I, when I get them downloaded.

Knock Knock…

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Here is the painting that I did for the “Ink For Pink” Vaudeville Villains Atlanta Show. The benefit will be going on Thursday, Sept. 8th. It’s purpose is to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.  I have done one of these art shows earlier in the year, and had a blast.

A Day In The Life Of Ginger Beaner

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Here is a little update on what I have been up to the last few weeks. Its has been busy, and I have a couple of  bigger pieces started that I am anxious to get back on. I have a painting to finish for the Ink For Pink benefit July 2nd., the theme is circus side-show freaks or circus related material. Hellalujah! is playing the event and it has been a good minute since we have gotten together, all I can say is that some drankin’ is going down.

This girl with the mermaid rib piece is a monster! 2 sessions(my choice, not hers) not one whimper, squeal,or twitch out of this girl.

Below is a horse shoe that I tattooed on my friend Scott, it wont be long before  his sleeve is finished.

Things are looking up in the ATL. The weather has been strange but getting better, and Georgia has some of the most incredible wild flowers I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. You can take a ride through some of these country back roads with your windows down and smell the most incredible scent.

Above is a Sailor Jerry piece that was a walk-in jammer that I had the pleasure of doing. He is fire fighter in the area, and is interested in getting a sleeve.

Below is a tattoo that I did as a trade out for an antique picture frame. Mike is a very polite, well-mannered individual and has been stopping by from time to time to say hello.

I recently have had the pleasure of starting a chest rocker on an awesome person that made a drive from Jacksonville to hang out with friends and get tattooed. Justin wanted an eagle holding a compass and perhaps some rope and a clipper incorporated in to the piece, I am stoked to have this project on my hands.

This is gonna be a fun one for sure.

Above you see a tiny clipper, this is on Mr. Jared Chance. Jared is the body piercer here at the shop. It was a slow night at the shop and so we decided to do a little something.

(Below)This is becoming one of my favorite pictures and moments most memorable at the shop. It’s me tattooing the palm of Neil Worth. He wanted a clipper ship o his palm, oh did he get it. He is a tattooer that I work with, and will be missed as he makes his way up to the new shop in Hagerstown,Maryland owned by Mr. Dave Kruseman. “Old Line Tattoo”, check it out when you get a chance.

Oh Neil, I really enjoyed this homie.

Good times at Forever Yours Tattoo.

Thank you Atlanta Georgia

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This gentleman walked in and wanted a custom tattoo. He mentioned a skull and dagger on his arm and I was much obliged to do so. I thinks its important for the client to trust the judgement of the artist at hand. I had a lot of fun with this tattoo and I am very grateful for the freedom I was given while approaching it.

Just a few pictures of recent work that I have done at my new place of employment, Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery, Douglasville- Georgia.




An Evening With The Colvins

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I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Colvin when she visited Panama City Beach with her son Kozik and her mother.

They were coming up from a south Florida tattoo convention where her husband Phil Colvin was tattooing.  I know of  her husband through a good friend of mine and great tattooer, Richard Davis. It’s finally nice to put a face to a few of the names I have heard over the years. We had a great dinner at the Barefoot and the boys hit it off. It’s great to see my son interact with kids his own age. I found Hope to be very intelligent, witty and easy to hang out with. The boys played for a pretty good time, swimming and playing indoor volleyball at the room. It was great talking about other artists, sharing stories, and going on about baseball. As I watched my son play with Kozik in the pool, I thought to myself, these two guys will be carrying on theyre fathers names one day. It’s the same thing I think about when I see Darren Anderson’s child and mine play together.  I’m proud that I have met such great people in the tattoo industry, and I can only hope that its something that will drive my son to keep it going. There are many great things or children may turn out to be, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that the thought our  sons taking we  have done to the next level makes me swell with pride. Stiletto, Rowan, Kozik, you boys have got some shoes to fill, not only your father’s, but your mother’s as well! It was a shame Phil couldn’t have joined us, but a tattooer’s work is never done. All in all, it was a great evening with the Colvin’s and we are looking forward to Atlanta and meeting up with them again.