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On my way to “Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery”, Atlanta.

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Here is a sweet tattoo I did for my good friend Blake. It’s referenced from some Sailor Jerry flash. I really enjoyed doing this tattoo. I have changed my color combo up a bit over the last year, and I am becoming a lot happier with my results.

STOP>>> You can not be tuffer than this girl right here. 2 sessions, not one whimper, not one movement, not even a peep. She just sat and smiled and sucked it up, knowing if she gave in just a little in a shop full of bad asses(not) we would give her hell. Tuff as nails that girl. Kelsey, thank you for the business.

As of March 1st. I will be working @ Forever Yours Tattoo Art Gallery in Douglasville, Ga.  Once owned by Dave Kruseman, and sold to Phil Colvin. I am really excited to be a part of such a solid shop and solid tattooers. I am sad to leave Panama City, but I have been here for a long ass time and it’s time for me to get some new tricks. I will miss Black Cat Tattoo and all of the wonderful people I have met there. I can only hope that my clients and friends will travel to see us, and get some tattoos for ol’ time’s sake. However, I will be back plenty to take appointments and jam some Hellalujah! Thank you Panama City…

I got to add a little to Adam’s tattoo this week. Gonna finish it up this weekend!


The Devil Likes Dames And Wheelbarrow Races

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Upon my second trip to Austin, I ended up doing a really cool tattooed on an old friend. I love the way the devil is depicted in folk art. I took the reference from an old wood block print. Out of most tattoos, I always find myself enjoying the devil one’s the most.










I really enjoyed my trip to Austin this go around. Steadfast and crew are always fun to work with, and my family traveled along on this trip. While we were there, we visited a few great shops and meet some great artists. Perfection tattoo was an incredible shop with a lot of great historical artwork. Chris Trevino was very humble and kind, and we got a glimpse of his new book “Gods and Warriors”. After leaving Perfection Tattoo, we traveled over to Rock Of Ages Tattoo and met up with Steve Byrne, where he tattooed some very nice pin wheel flowers on my lady’s forearms. Rock of Ages was a great shop with a lot of art history as well, never pass up the opportunity to visit if your ever in Austin. Later on in the week we ended up going to see Jason Brooks over at his new spot in Austin called “Great Wave Tattoo”.  There were original paintings and flash by late tattooer, Mike Malone. They were displayed on the walls of his studio very nicely.  I have to say that this trip was even more productive than the last. Now we are back at our home in Florida, packing and getting ready for our new adventures, and my new job @ “Forever Yours Tattoo” in Atlanta Georgia.  Forever Yours Tattoo, is now part of the loving “Memorial Tattoo” family. I am getting a chance to work along side of Dave Kruseman for a short while. I’m looking forward to gaining what knowledge I can while working with him.

This is a little something I painted for Peter Gilcrease, owner of  Steadfast Tattoo, Austin Texas. He has started a large flash page to display in his shop, put together by his artists and guests who tattoo there. I was fortunate enough to add one.











This is on my buddy Scott, he is a long time friend of our studio and all around good guy. He wants to do a sleeve of traditional style tattoos dealing with his hobbies and passions. This is a Sailor Jerry piece of  flash that he wanted really bad. I really enjoy doing old flash, and so I jumped right on it. Turned out nice, and was a lot of fun.

Here is a mermaid that I did this past week. I used some old Spaulding and Rogers flash as reference.

I wish the photo would have come out a little warmer, but this will do.

Here is a piece I posted a while back, but it wasn’t quite finished. I wish I was a better photographer!

A little something I whipped up a week or more ago. I am trying to switch up the way I paint a little. Even though I don’t want to justify myself, I will. This painting is in no way related to the Holocaust, nor does it have anything to do with hate. This symbol, the “Swastika”, has been used to depict a lot of positive meanings throughout history. Take a minute to educate yourself, every bit of knowledge and truth to its meaning will move it further from the evil meaning it has carried unjustly.










Healed pictures coming soon.


Where Eagles Glare

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Trading paintings is what I am into these days. I can’t really afford to buy all the paintings that I want from all of the artists that I particularly like. I am trying the barter system, “I’ll paint you something if you paint me something”, line.  I am in the middle of trading a painting to an artist by the name of Cyndi Lou, tattooer and shop owner of  “Squid and Whale”, located in Portland Maine. I did a piece of flash from Amund Dietzel that I really liked, and I added a native Florida butterfly in the bottom left hand corner to represent the state I live in.

This painting was a lot of fun and I am happy that it found its way to Maine.

I got this great wall hanging (below) at an estate sale my friend Danny, and his wife had last week.  I had seen it laying face down on a table and flipped it over to take a look, what a great find. I really like antiques(who doesn’t these days, I’m trying to get cool points…) and this is going to look great on my new wall.

I am trying to sell a few paintings that have been growing roots in my art cabinet.  I have some prints that I would like to sell as well. I plan on setting up a folder on my Facebook to do so. Here is one below that I did last year

It’s a small frame, nothing huge. I plan on making prints of some photography I have done as well.

This would look great right above your toilet. It’s so appealing to the eyes, and it really makes you want to relax after a long day and let it go…

I picked this cotton in Alabama on a road trip to see the family in Georgia. I felt like if I didn’t hurry up and pick it and get in the truck, I was going to lose a butt cheek from some rock salt blast. It still resides in our living room, in full bloom.

Fire Away!!

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A few months ago we went to St. Augustine on our way to Disney. After visiting the Fort and eating Big City Pizza, I wasnt convinced that St. Augustine had any ghosts to offer, but as I drifted off  into sleep I felt less like myself and more like Wendy from The Shining, screaming, ” Get away from me” as I clinched my astral  butcher knifeDisney was great, everything about the trip was smooth sailing because of this lady.

Our next venture is to Fort Yargo for some camping! We are even bringing.., Meatball