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On my way to “Forever Yours Tattoo Gallery”, Atlanta.

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Here is a sweet tattoo I did for my good friend Blake. It’s referenced from some Sailor Jerry flash. I really enjoyed doing this tattoo. I have changed my color combo up a bit over the last year, and I am becoming a lot happier with my results.

STOP>>> You can not be tuffer than this girl right here. 2 sessions, not one whimper, not one movement, not even a peep. She just sat and smiled and sucked it up, knowing if she gave in just a little in a shop full of bad asses(not) we would give her hell. Tuff as nails that girl. Kelsey, thank you for the business.

As of March 1st. I will be working @ Forever Yours Tattoo Art Gallery in Douglasville, Ga.  Once owned by Dave Kruseman, and sold to Phil Colvin. I am really excited to be a part of such a solid shop and solid tattooers. I am sad to leave Panama City, but I have been here for a long ass time and it’s time for me to get some new tricks. I will miss Black Cat Tattoo and all of the wonderful people I have met there. I can only hope that my clients and friends will travel to see us, and get some tattoos for ol’ time’s sake. However, I will be back plenty to take appointments and jam some Hellalujah! Thank you Panama City…

I got to add a little to Adam’s tattoo this week. Gonna finish it up this weekend!


“Adelante Siempre” A brief Look Into The Minds Of Weirdos

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So this week went by with a ton of shit going on. I balanced myself by painting this piece to remember, “Without Struggle Comes Nothing”.  PPPPFFFFTTTT…. uh huh. Well anyway, I made it through another week of struggle. With this being said, I fucked my hand up trying to calm my dog and keep her from eating the water meter guy, had a dozen of cancellations , and dealing with other random stresses that make the week so much fun. The upside is…..(drum roll), I finished filing my taxes(you’re welcome welfare recipients), I filed my BP claim (Thanks, but fuck you anyway BP) and I’m doing a few cool tattoos this weekend. Finishing this painting was a good accomplishment for the week,  there is  something about this phrase and the people who wear it, and live by it. “Always Pushing Forward”, it is a quote that will always have you trying as hard as you can, or feel stupid for committing to something you can’t live up to. I choose the first one. This was passed down to me by BFF and great Tattooer, Darren Anderson. There are many great artists that bare the mark “AS”, it’s not meant to be an elite group of cooler thans, or we don’t want cha’s, it’s just a symbol of your loyalty to what you do, and a reminder that we are all fish, once you stop swimming, you will die. Die mutha fucka, Die mutha fucka, Die! Here are some artist that wear it proudly, and some good folks you should look up to find some great art and tattoos: Darren Anderson, Megan Fernandez, Jason Mills, Shane Woodward, Damon Burns, Paul Kristianssen Holland, Steve Whittenberger, and the list goes on.

Holy Coffin Swallower

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This is a painting that I did for Phil and Hope Colvin that own Memorial Tattoo in Atlanta Georgia.  I recently spent sometime with the Colvin’s as they were here enjoying theyre vacation. It’s great that our children share such a great connection with one another.This painting explains how i have been feeling this past month. There was a lot f stress building up on me and things started to unravel, mainly my brain. Everybody goes through it from time to time, and the positive thing that came out of all of that was a great painting for an incredible tattoo studio and good friend.

A few random paintings here and there have been sprouting out of me, mostly ideas that clients have asked me to draw and never came back to even check on them. Got to love that.  The end of our tourist season is coming up and that means that I will have more time to paint my own ideas and cut loose a little. Seems like everybody at the shop lately has been under a good bit of stress trying to get our shifts covered so that we can do our guest spots.

This is a little painting/tattoo that I plan on doing for Melissa. We both love baseball and going to Turner Field to watch the Braves play. She has always wanted a Braves tattoo to show her love for her team and the game. We have yet to actually do the tattoo, but I will treat her to some new ink soon. A tattooer’s girlfriend/wife, has to have the most patience out of anybody, for they are always the last to get tattooed.

It was a slow day at the shop today so I decided to do a little something to kill boredom. It was a tattoo that I had done earlier this week. It’s a little different from what I tattooed, but I did the tattoo and really didn’t feel like painting it the same way.

I am happy that I have had the chance to do something cool over the last week or so. It brings up the spirit a good bit

An Evening With The Colvins

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I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Colvin when she visited Panama City Beach with her son Kozik and her mother.

They were coming up from a south Florida tattoo convention where her husband Phil Colvin was tattooing.  I know of  her husband through a good friend of mine and great tattooer, Richard Davis. It’s finally nice to put a face to a few of the names I have heard over the years. We had a great dinner at the Barefoot and the boys hit it off. It’s great to see my son interact with kids his own age. I found Hope to be very intelligent, witty and easy to hang out with. The boys played for a pretty good time, swimming and playing indoor volleyball at the room. It was great talking about other artists, sharing stories, and going on about baseball. As I watched my son play with Kozik in the pool, I thought to myself, these two guys will be carrying on theyre fathers names one day. It’s the same thing I think about when I see Darren Anderson’s child and mine play together.  I’m proud that I have met such great people in the tattoo industry, and I can only hope that its something that will drive my son to keep it going. There are many great things or children may turn out to be, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that the thought our  sons taking we  have done to the next level makes me swell with pride. Stiletto, Rowan, Kozik, you boys have got some shoes to fill, not only your father’s, but your mother’s as well! It was a shame Phil couldn’t have joined us, but a tattooer’s work is never done. All in all, it was a great evening with the Colvin’s and we are looking forward to Atlanta and meeting up with them again.