Departing Evolution And Tethering Hades

Taker Of LifeIt’s a reality that falsifies every notion that you are free. From birth you are a slave to someone else, from mother, to teacher, to boss, to significant other. Fragments of thought, displeasure, alcohol, and misery, are the signal that breaches through the parallels of  slavery. I have heard them speak to me from the corners of the room in the dark. Skipping rope, laughing and eating cake while they haunt you and leave no melatonin for dreams.

i see youI can close my eyes but no matter the position, you are there. I have come to realize that bitterness is sweeter than victory because its stays with you, lingering in your mouth like the taste of shat and lead. Victory is celebrated only in short intervals and leaves you fat, lazy, and soulfully ignorant. Under the canopy your sins are as transparent as the spiders that weave they’re web above you. Oh butterfly, you have paper wings don’t you?

this is what you really areIf it hurts then you are alive and far from the dark realms of death that you thought was so gracefully waiting on your arrival. It doesn’t wait, it dances around you until the song is over.

happy birthdayI’m thinking through halos in a stained glass window…

knock knockJesus strangers are as strange as that?’

The Devil


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